Our Approach

Our approach to painting is based on a meeting of art and therapy. We work in the technique of watercolour and favour plant-based pigments which have a particular light quality and vivifying action on the soul.

We search for the essential life of colour through a particular approach to painting exercises. This methodical way of working helps to develop a finer perception for colour, and can strengthen awareness of our feelings in relation to colour. As such it is also a good foundation for therapeutic work.

The training is based on the ‘training sketches’ for painters executed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and given as work material to the painter Henni Geck (1884-1951) in answer to a request to help her with her teaching curriculum.


The curriculum is intended to develop insight into the interrelation of colour and form; the aim is to reach an individual living experience of how form comes out of colour.

The following aspects are integrated into our study conception:

• Colour balance as principle of unity and harmony: warm and cool colours; image and lustre colours; light and dark.

• Composition: ‘measuring’ the colours into the picture-space;

• The inwardly-felt balance of the human being as ‘measuring’ instrument.

• Enhancing a capacity for experiencing colour: measure, number and weight as qualitative experience; weightless colour.

• Colour processes – Nature processes: rhythms; the cycle of the year; growing and fading; rising and setting.

• Motif transformation leading to metamorphosis.

• Self- development: painting as a path of meditation.

• Painting therapy: inner balance and health.

• Plant colours: production of plant-based pigments and their use.


The degree of interest and involvement of each individual student determines the length of study needed to reach a personal goal or qualification. Certificates are given as confirmation of study periods. A diploma is given after completion of a longer period of study.