The painting school is open to anyone wishing to take part in painting classes for a shorter or longer period.

Full-time attendance is four to five mornings a week. Teaching takes place mostly in the mornings. Part-time can be one, two or more mornings a week; or be taken in blocks for one week or longer in each term.

Periods of study can also be taken in modules by visiting students from abroad. Further training is a popular mode; painters and art therapists or any interested person can attend for specific periods: for a few weeks, for a term, or longer. If you are interested do get in touch; we offer various possibilities designed to meet individual needs and situations. 

Apart from the regular training, we offer courses and further training for teachers, art therapists, and artists. 

Regular morning classes – Monday to Wednesday 9.00 – 12.00 – with Caroline Chanter    +41(0) 61-702 14 23 / 061-701 10 23 

Wednesday (2:30-5pm) and Thursday afternoon ( 1.30-4pm) classes with Sandra Lo Noce Wagner       +41 (0) 079 945 2190