About the Institute

The Rudolf Steiner Malschule Institut (Rudolf Steiner Painting School Institute) stands for the support and advancement of the painting impulse inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner and developed by Gerard Wagner.

The institute is based in Dornach at the Rudolf Steiner Painting School, Atelierhaus, Brosiweg 41. It supports a painting school which provides training in painting and painting therapy. The method of working is based on the teaching of Gerard Wagner. The institute aims to broaden the knowledge of this path of training worldwide, through instruction in painting /painting therapy, through publications and through exhibitions.


The institute conducts research into: 

1) Indications given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) for a new painting impulse founded on the principles of anthroposophy (spiritual science).  The indications are given in lecture form, book form and in art works.

2) The art works executed by Gerard Wagner (1906-1999) which were painted on the principles he learnt from Rudolf Steiner’s indications.


The director of the Institute is Caroline Chanter, England/ Switzerland.

The international group of artists and art therapists supporting the institute are:

Jyoti Pagdi, India

Anastasija Vagner, Latvia/Russia 

Bernd Lutz, Germany

Hans Schumm, North America

Sandra Lo Noce-Wagner, Switzerland

Marco Lo Noce, Italy/Switzerland 

Eliane Petrus Hürbin, Switzerland,  *1958 –†2009

Frans van der Pennen, Holland,  *ca.1956 –†2018


The institute is a non-profit making organisation. We welcome your contributions for the sustaining of our work.


Bank accounts: 

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