Welcome to the Rudolf Steiner Painting School

Formerly known as the Painting School at the Goetheanum, we offer a full and part-time training in artistic and therapeutic painting based on the new impulses given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), and on the colour research of the painter Gerard Wagner (1906-1999) who spent a lifetime working out of Rudolf Steiner’s indications.

The painting school is open to anyone wishing to take part in painting classes for a shorter or longer period. This can take the form of a short meeting with a method of working that can give a burst of inspiration for further artistic work, or it can become a painting training lasting between one and four years.

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Summer Painting Course

The Goetheanum Large Cupola Paintings 5 July - 13 July 2017

Painting with Plant Colours
The development of evolution is depicted in the Large Cupola paintings.  Our workshop will consider the colour composition of the motifs as a totality whilst concentrating on some of the single motifs researching how they can be built up ‘out of the colour’.

Student Testimonials


Marie from Canada

My key motivation for returning is to learn more about how to apply Rudolf Steiner’s instructions on colour, and how he saw art. The approach offered at the school is based on Gerard Wagner’s own research and studies of these instructions. This helps me as a painter to explore and experiment more with a view to developing my own feeling abilities with colours.


Nick from the UK

I was looking for a way of re-connecting to the original painting indications of Rudolf Steiner rather than simply following the traditions established by practising artists therapists and teachers since his death. I found that the teaching provided by Caroline Chanter fulfilled this aspiration as everything is based upon a direct experience of what the colours themselves ask of us.


Katrina from the Philippines

My year at the painting school has given me a profound experience of art, color, nature, the cosmos and of my own self, for which I am thankful. The painting approach itself is very human, a way of life. I can say that by working in this method I am truly engaged in creative activity and that it helps wake me up to my humanity.