Lectures on colour and art by Rudolf Steiner

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London and SteinerBooks, USA)

  • Colour
  • Art as seen in the Light of Mystery Wisdom
  • The Arts and their Mission
  • Ways to a new Style in Architecture

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From other authors

Introduction, Commentary and Notes by Anne Stockton
Rudolf Steiner’s Art – An Introductory Reader

Sophia Books. Rudolf Steiner Press, London 2003

Van James
Spirit and Art – Pictures of the Transformation of Consciousness

Anthroposophic Press, USA 2001

Translated and edited by Peter Stebbing
Conversations about Painting with Rudolf Steiner
Recollections of Five Pioneers of the New Art Impulse

Steinerbooks 2008

The new edition of the work-book for painters:
The Individuality of Colour 
by Elisabeth Wagner-Koch and Gerard Wagner is now available in English, German, Russian and Hebrew.

For the Hebrew version contact: Bdolah Books, PO Box 558 Petah-Tikva 4910402, Israel, email: bdolah.books@gmail.com

Van James
The Secret Language of Form
Visual Meaning in Art and Nature
Rudolf Steiner College Press, CA, USA 2007

Drawing with Hand, Head and Heart
A natural approach to learning the art of drawing

SteinerBooks 2011

Translated and edited by Peter Stebbing
The Goetheanum Cupola Motifs of Rudolf Steiner
Paintings by Gerard Wagner

SteinerBooks 2011

Afterword by Peter Stebbing
Three Grimms‘ Fairy Tales with Paintings by Gerard Wagner
SteinerBooks 2011

gerard wagner - monographyDie Kunst der Farbe
Gerard Wagner Monographie
(The Art of Colour
Gerard Wagner Monography)

Freies Geistesleben Stuttgart 1980
English translation available through Katherine Rudolph’s website: exploringtheword.com.au

Editor: Christian Thal-Jantzen
Architecture as a Synthesis of the Arts – Lectures by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1999

Michael Howard 
Art as Spiritual Activity – Rudolf Steiner’s Contribution to the Visual Arts

Anthroposophic Press, New York 1998

John Fletcher
Art inspired by Rudolf Steiner

Mercury Arts Publications, England 1987

Rex Raab, Arne Klingborg, Ake Fant
Eloquent Concrete

Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1979

Rudolf Steiner Bookshop in London
E-Mail: RSH-Bookshop@anth.org.uk

Publications in English with paintings by Gerard Wagner available through the school

Ernst Schuberth and Gerard Wagner
A Glance into Natures’ Workshop 

8 colour plates. Philosophisch-Anthroposophisches Verlag, Dornach 1974

Theodor Willmann and Gerard Wagner
Animal Metamorphosis 

25 colour plates. Philosophisch-Anthroposophisches Verlag, Dornach 1972

Elisabeth Koch, Gerard Wagner
The Individuality of Colour 

142 colour illustrations. New edition: Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 2009.

Elisabeth Wagner, Theodor Willmann and others.
Katalog zur Ausstellung “Gerard Wagner” in der Ermitage Sankt Petersburg
(Catalogue of an Exhibition at the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia)

with a separate English translation in typescript. 100 colour plates. Novikoff Verlag, St.Petersburg 1997

About Gerard Wagner
Essays by Christian Hitsch, Gennady Bondarev, Gerard Wagner, Van James,
Georg Nemes and Theodor Willmann. Collected and published by Caroline Chanter 2002.
1 colour plate – a portrait of Gerard Wagner by Peter Gospodinov

For a complete list of publications see: www.gerardwagner.de