Welcome to the Rudolf Steiner Painting School


We offer training in artistic and therapeutic painting based on the new impulses given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861- 1925), and on the colour research of the painter Gerard Wagner (1906-1999) who spent a lifetime working out of Rudolf Steiner’s indications.

Inner development

COLOUR is intimately connected with our life of feeling. We live in the active, courageous or noble red; in the inward, peaceful or modest blue. We can deepen ourselves in the serious, mediative tones of violet – and so on.

Painting strengthens our feeling for colour. When we paint from a feeling of balance, we aim to create a state of harmony between the colours, and this works back on ourselves. We can find, having emersed ourselves in colour for a time, that our feelings have changed –
they have become deeper and have taken on new unexpected nuances. We can feel more in harmony with ourselves, strengthened and more confident.

With this in mind, it is clear that painting can be therapeutic, initially in a general way but with the possibility of being effective in specific curative situations.

End of Term Presentation – Friday, 9.30, 22 March 2024 


Short intensive painting therapy modules (26 hours each) begin this
year. The dates are 10 to 13 April. Three further modules with follow
in April 2025, 2026, and 2027.

The modules include:
Painting with plant-based pigments with Caroline Chanter, art
therapist/painting teacher at the Rudolf Steiner Painting School.

Medical Lectures with Dr.Siegward Elsas, physician /neurologist at
the Klinik Arlesheim.

Colour eurythmy with Nicholas Grünewald, eurythmist /eurythmy
teacher in Waldorf schools.

Plant colour making with Robert Wroblewski, painter /plant colour
researcher at the Goetheanum Plant Colour Laboratory.

Where We Are

The school is situated close to the Goetheanum, an international centre where Rudolf Steiner’s own creative capacities, as architect, sculptor and painter are visible in original form offering inspiration for artistic work.